Who is Paul Marciano?

02 Mar

Paul Marciano is a well-known co-founder of Guess Inc. He’s a Moroccan-born American philanthropist, businessman, investor and most of all fashion designer. Paul Marciano’s black and white ads have truly won a lot of Clio awards. Aside from that, Paul Marciano is huge benefactor of Em Habanin, one of Los Angeles’ bigger Sephardic synagogues. The Guess Company was run initially by Paul and his other 3 brothers, Armand, Georges as well as Maurice (known as Marciano Brothers) but now it’s being managed by Maurice and Paul (Marciano and G by Guess).

The Founders

Guess Jeans was founded by Marciano brothers in 1981. However, in 1983, the 50% stake of Guess Jeans was sold to the Nakash Brothers of New York (Joseph, Abraham, as well as Raphael). When their joint venture has spoiled, it was found in 1989 by the California superior court jury that the Marcianos were lured fraudulently into their transaction by the Nakash brothers. This made the Nakash brother to settle for $66 million of $106 million escrowed profits as well as the brand name ‘Gasoline’ ownership while the brand ‘Diesel’ was given to the Marciano brothers in 1990.

The public relations as well as advertising department was primarily handled by Paul Marciano and later in 1993, he became the company’s president and also chief operating officer. Paul Marciano ventured down as the CEO of Guess in August 2015 and then became the Executive Chairman and he stayed as the chief creative officer of Guess. Discover more here at https://www.linkedin.com/in/paul-marciano.

In earlier of 2018, the co-founder (Paul Marciano) of renowned fashion brand, Guess has already resigned from his position as Executive Chairman of Guess because of the rise of sexual harassment investigation. According to the statement given by Guess, he was being accused of improper conduct by five accusers and reached a total of $500, 000 financial settlements. Paul Marciano who have known to be married twice, his first wife whom he had 2 children is Kymberly Marciano, a photographer and a model. He then married Mareva Georges, a French model in 2016. They also have two children and are living in Los Angeles. See more details here at https://twitter.com/paulmarciano9.

Paul Marciano is now active on Twitter. You can see him posting all of his famous black and white photos with his beautiful Guess models. He also have his own website where you will able to read his full biography. Learn more about Paul Marciano and be updated by following him on Twitter as well as visiting his very own website. Read more claims about art foundation guide at https://www.britannica.com/topic/The-Foundations-of-Modern-Art.

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