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02 Mar

Along with his brothers, Paul Marciano is one of the most influential people in the design industry because they formed the company, Guess. This is one of the influential companies in the design industry with a lot of shows that are held in their name. In addition to that, they work with very many different types of models and create very many designs that are very popular all over the world. Some of the designs they create are related to different types of clothing but in addition to that, they are also involved in art. The history of the family came from Marseilles, France but this is after they were born in Morocco. After a while, however, the brothers moved to Los Angeles and that is where they were able to form the company. Be sure to read more here at

The major reason why they wanted to do this is that they had the ambition to live the American dream and as you probably know, this always involves quite a lot of work. According to research, the family is associated with a lot of art and also, artistic pictures that have always been there in them. This means that they are very creative people and that is the reason why they are always able to create some great designs. Paul Marciano specifically, was able to get a lot of creative marketing and advertising even from when he was young especially because this is a talent that he has been born with. Although the family was mainly full of rabbis, of which is to become one as the inheritor of the legacy of the family, Paul Marciano had a different ambition especially because of the creativity that was in him. Click here to check the website  for more details.

A lot of artworks that have been done by the company have in mainly because of him especially because of the many campaigns that he has been able to run. The company has also been very successful in many different areas for example, in different types of models that have always been fitted by the company. Many of the campaigns have been very successful especially because of the level of work that has been there all through. There are also a lot of unique pieces of artwork that have been created by Paul Marciano and they are in many of the homes today and also in unique places like temples. Following Paul Marciano is going to give you more information especially on, social media platforms. You may further read about art foundation guide at    

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