The Life of Paul Marciano

02 Mar

Paul Marciano was born in Debdou, Morocco last 1952. He was raised by a Jewish family in France together with his other siblings: Jacqueline, Maurice, Armand, and Georges. Paul came from a family of rabbis. In fact, his father was actually a rabbi in France right from 1954 up to 1986. Paul grew up in a humble apartment located inside a synagogue where other Jewish families also lived.

At the age of fifteen, Paul was involved in a certain motor accident with his friend. Right after the accident, Paul was informed that he could not walk again, which is why he spent at least seven months in the wheelchair. However, Paul regained full mobility of his lower limbs after a year and began to walk again but he wasn’t reaccepted in his school because of his very long absence. Paul was not able to finish his studies, so he went to Israel and lived in the kibbutz.

At the age of 17, Paul went back to France and began to work as an ordinary salesman in a certain jeans store. During the weekend, he would work in a club to check out coats together with his brothers.

During this time, Georges began to design some ties. His other brother, Maurice also began to work together with him in making ties, while Paul is in-charge of selling the ties all around Paris. From making and designing ties, it has led to making blouses. All of their designs were color white.

The success of the tiny business led them to a point to open their new company which is called MGA. MGA stands for Maurice, Georges, and Armand. They’ve opened their very first store in the 1970s, just beside the street. Paul and his brothers continued to make and design blouses. Right after the blouses, they decided to make and design jeans too. Get more ideas here at

In 1981, the Paul Marciano brothers have left France for various reasons such as the taxation dispute with several French officials and anti-Semites. They went to the United States even if they can hardly speak English. Among the brothers, Maurice is the only one who is fluent of the language simply because he learned English in school.

In 1981, they discovered a new company name – Guess. This was manned by Maurice and Georges at first. Meanwhile, Paul and Armand were beginning to manage their retail operations of the MGA that has already four stores in the United States. After several months, they’ve merged their companies all together and formed Guess. Watch this video at for more facts about art foundation guide.

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